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  8th January 2014   Just has to move the site to a new server..... please let me know if there are any errors....  
  9th July 2013   Its been a while...                                           Fixed a few broken links (ok.. Loads of broken links)  Put up a counter (only 5 years late..... Last time I checked the true page hit No. was approx 2500...                                                     In the last few months I have exchanged emails with a few old band members..... Nice to hear from you guys  
  21st July 2010   Some more photos posted....Thanks Paul....Bout bloody time  
  31st May 2010   I have uploaded a couple of instrumental tracks that I did in my home studio back in 2003/4.  Rough mixes and self absorbed.. But... Whatever.....         LOUD is Best!!!  
  17th May 2010   I have uploaded a couple of tracks I did with Pete In my home studio... I have also changed the family tree page  
  15th May 2010   OK...
The site is back up...
Many thanks to Kieth for letting me know there was a problem